Mental & Emotional Health

“I have found a sense of belonging. I especially like the veteran’s group and comradery. This is something I have been seeking for some time.”

Mental and emotional health needs have increased significantly during the pandemic.  Some people have lost their jobs, their businesses and loved ones.  All of us have lost our support communities and simply a sense of community.  Among other factors, the sheer fear surrounding the pandemic has led to depression and anxiety for many.  An article in the Longmont Times Call (9/5/20) states that according to Mental Health Colorado “it wasn’t just depression that dramatically increased (June 20219 -June 2020).  Anxiety screenings increased 105% and bipolar screenings increased by 87%.  Alcohol and substance use increased 39%.”

Furthermore, often substance use is often associated with co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, grief and even anger.  These emotions can be a roadblock on the recovery journey. Our emotional and mental health education and support groups address these needs.  Clients will gain increased knowledge and understanding of the topic.

  • Anxiety groups are designed to help clients learn to identify sources, address symptoms, and mitigate the effects of mild to moderate anxiety.
  • Anger groups help clients understand anger as a universal emotion and develop skills to manage it in constructive ways.
  • Depression groups help clients with mild to moderate depression recognize their symptoms and challenge the thinking patterns that reinforce them
  • Grief groups are designed to help clients address the complex emotions associated with the loss of a loved one, a missed opportunity, or a transition in life.
  • Stigma can be a significant barrier to recovery. People are hesitant to seek treatment due to the stigma. Our group examining shame and guilt is designed to help clients differentiate shame from guilt and mitigate the effects of both on their lives.


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