Self Empowerment

“Location is so nice and centrally located for me. Staff is always friendly, cheerful, very professional and knowledgeable.”

Many of us have suffered under the stigma of substance use.  While self-esteem is ever-changing, several practices can nurture it.  We can and must learn self-compassion on our common journey and create a new design for living.  These groups nurture our self-compassion, acceptance and foster growth in a safe, understanding community. These groups and topics are constantly changing, and responsive to the needs of the participants.  Some groups use TED talks to encourage discussion and share ideas and skills to understand the topics.  One group “Get a G.R.I.P” teaches gratitude, resilience, intention and purpose.

These groups are inspiring and fulfilling to all people – substance users, family members and friends.  Are all welcome to join the community and discuss topics together.


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600 Terry Street
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