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“Location of AWF is very helpful to my busy schedule, being so close to home. The community and people here always reach out to keep me coming back.”

Recovery from substance use disorder is about healing mind, body and spirit.  Our wellness programs enhance this philosophy.  Wellness programs are continuously evolving and growing, providing many opportunities for fun, self-care and self-expression.  These are a few of our programs:


Adult Coloring

Coloring can help you be more mindful. Mindfulness helps us be more aware of our present experience, without being distracted or overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions.  

More people are using coloring as a tool to help them focus. The inability to focus is often a symptom of anxiety and stress. Coloring elicits a relaxing mindset that is similar to what you achieve through meditation.  

As you focus on color choices and staying inside the lines, you are only thinking about the present moment. You shut off the noise around you and give your mind the gift of focusing on the movements, sensations, and emotions of your present moment.  

If your mind begins to wander, gently redirect yourself to what you are experiencing in the now. Take the opportunity to disconnect from stressful thoughts. 


Art as a Therapy

An element of community engagement is our Art as a Therapy wellness program designed to build community and self-esteem. Artwork can be displayed in our on-going community art show in our main building.  Our studio is in our separate carriage house, where we encourage community and expression.

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